Registration Now Open for September 2018

Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs Web Course.

Dates:                   September 24 – October 5, 2018

Format:                 Web Course

Trainer:                 Gail Falk


 In this web course, we provide an introduction to Social Security disability benefits and associated work incentives, as well as an overview of the field of work incentives planning.

During this training you will learn about:

  • The Social Security disability benefits and associated healthcare programs (Medicare and Medicaid);
  • The impact of employment on Social Security disability benefits and associated healthcare programs;
  • How Social Security applies work incentives to ease the transition from dependence on public benefits to greater financial independence;
  • The importance of work incentives planning and assistance in promoting employment and enhancing financial stability for Social Security disability beneficiaries; and
  • The mission and goals of the WIPA program, the WIPA service model and beneficiary priorities, and strategies for working collaboratively with local WIPA projects.

Course Details:

  • Each of the six subject lessons will require that you access a recorded video presentation or an alternative format.  Most of the presentations are approximately one hour in length.
  • Each lesson will also include other supplemental materials to review.
  • There will be a short assessment at the end of each lesson that contains multiple choice questions.
  • We will also provide a discussion board monitored by the course facilitator for asking questions about the course content.
  • There is no set date or time you have to log into the web course.  It is largely self-directed and self-paced, but you must complete all required coursework by the last day of the course.
  • We will issue a certificate of completion to course participants who complete the course requirements. The certificate will be accessible through participant myNTC accounts.
  • We do not offer CCCs to certified CWICs and CPWICs for this course, nor do we offer any CRC or CEU credits for this course.

Important Note: Completing this online course does not result in certification as a Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Community Work Incentives Coordinator, or certification as a Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor.  This online course provides a foundation for future training and does not offer the type of training necessary to accurately and effectively counsel beneficiaries. The certificate earned for this course demonstrates completion of this training opportunity only.

Registration Information

Who should register for this training event?

This is an introductory level course designed to meet the training needs of individuals who want a better understanding of Social Security disability benefits and the basics related to how work affects these benefits. This is not a substitute for CWIC or Community Partner certification.

The target audience includes several distinct groups, all of whom play an important role in supporting beneficiaries who wish to pursue employment:

  • Community partners who provide return-to-work services including staff of ENs, state VR agencies, American Job Centers and other employment service providers;
  • Agency staff who have regular contact with beneficiaries and are in a position to encourage work and financial stability planning and outcomes, including staff from state and local Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities agencies, Mental Health and Substance Abuse agencies, Centers for Independent Living, State Protection and Advocacy, Public School systems, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among others;
  • WIPA/POD project staff that do not require certification, including administrative or other staff; and
  • WIPA/POD project staff that plan to pursue CWIC certification, and would like to come to the initial training with a basic knowledge of the topics to be covered, and of their job requirements.

How do I register?

You must have a myNTC user account to register.  If you do not yet have a myNTC account, please create one on our website at

Once you receive your myNTC login information via the email address you provided, log into your myNTC account, go to the Training Registrations section on the myNTC Welcome page, click on the Introductory Web Course tab, and click on the Register Online link.  Follow the instructions to complete your registration request.

Registration will remain open until 4:30 pm Eastern on Friday, September 7, 2018. We will email confirmations of participation shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact Julie Schall at or 804-827-0741.

We look forward to your participation in this training!

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