What We Do


Activities and services provided by the New Horizon Support Group (NHSG) include:

  1. One-on-one consultations
  2. Group consultations
  3. Mobility training
  4. Support of other like-organizations by attending their meetings, fundraisers, and events
  5. Attendance of national conferences
  6. Social outings with disabled individuals.  The group supports an average of 20-30 people with disabilities including children and their families.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, Mr. Arizona Jenkins III, founder of the New Horizon Support Group (NHSG), served as a mentor to students at the LaVoy Exceptional Center in Tampa for six years (2007-2013).  Since 2013 he has been serving in a similar capacity at Booker T. Washington Elementary.  Student mentees live with a variety of developmental and physical disabilities and range in age from 13 to 22. Dr. Ali Jenzarli, Chief Executive Officer of NHSG, has been volunteering his time and expertise with NHSG since 2008.


The New Horizon Support Group is a mentoring program that helps people with disabilities by:

  1. Finding solutions to problems
  2. Voting and having a voice in the community and state
  3. Listening to each other’s needs and make others aware
  4. Help users learn to communicate and not be afraid
  5. Help users be advocates for themselves and others


In addition we do training on how to access Public Transportation by accompanying members on their travels and personally showing and instructing them on how to go about the safest and most effective way to get to their destination.

  • Training is arranged by Arizona Jenkins and conducted by a Travel Trainer provided by the County’s public transportation organization.
  • Training is conducted at the Hartline Transportation office and on the field after contacting our office for assistance and training.
  • This training is very significant because without it our group members could not participate in any activities that require them to travel.
  • We provide an average of 50 hours of training per month.
  • Participants in training and other activities are the Group members, their care-takers, trainers and members of any other group that want to participate and schedule a time.  We are open to the Public to support and help at no cost.
  • Participants are not selected.  Everyone is welcome as long as we can schedule them on time and assure a proper and safe class for them.
  • There is absolutely NO FEE for the participation in these activities and training.  However, personal and commercial donations are greatly appreciated to cover any costs such as transportation, lunch, etc.
  • We strive to provide programs designed to help and support disabled individuals who want to be independent, adding value to themselves and society as a whole.